Innovative Bed Sheets

Sheets, re-invented!

A smart yet simple system (patent pending), enabling you to make the bed quickly, seamlessly, and effortlessly.

Hotel Owner?

Welcome to hospitality 2.0!

Our sheets are soooo nice and comfy, and the Beddingo system will save you time and money.

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Why is it awesome?

  • No matress lifting!

    Use your energy somewhere else.

  • Corners don't pop off

    Yep - Beddingo sheet stays where it should!

  • Premium quality

    The fabric we use is 100% organic cotton

  • Saves time!

    Changing a Beddingo sheet takes half the time.

  • Lower laundry expenses

    Saves a lot of money in industrial laundry.

  • Looks awesome

    Like a 5 stars bed should look

People love us!

Our campaign on Kickstarter was highly successful

  • 417%funded
  • 750+backers

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